Using a USB 3G services only a few days of MobiFone, Vu Dinh Bao Ho Chi Minh City in the network was completed to calculate the freight debts up to 15 million.


Morning 10 / 4, he was personnel security communications center of Region II MobiFone looking to take home message subscription charge for 3G services that you are using up to 7.3 million, exceeding the 80% level . Stupid people because He signed a contract with the network to the charge three million package, unlimited time and space.

The same day, he reported to the headquarters of the regional MobiFone two employees to meet the data requirements to provide cost details. Here, staff reported MobiFone charges no longer at 7.3 million which was 15.6 million.

Staff in charge of data for further MobiFone am 10 / 4, after a one night charges for the service pack his museum suddenly, she sent people to his house to take notice. However, by 10 / 4 is a holiday so he Bao instructions to wait until the 2nd day 12 / 4, MobiFone will solve.


According to statistics of the network, the country is on ... 14 million 3G subscribers


Punctuality, am 12 / 4, his presence at the headquarters Bao MobiFone to complain. After hearing his presentation of the staff here can not understand what happened should have invited the manager to resolve. The manager announced charges for package policies Surf30 has changed, his security is not entitled to preferential policies - no storage limit under the signed contract. That is the amount of package freight, you only use less than 5GB. Exceed this capacity, he will have to pay fees in excess of quota for 10 of 10Kb, which you pay per GB excess of a million.

He does not accept this explanation because that MobiFone free freight policy changes without notifying customers. "I received notice that the change from the cheap to the exorbitant prices so did not use 3G services MobiFone. I can not imagine a night after again being the debt burden to 15 million. I became victims of 3G unreasonably, "he said Bao.

Talking with, MobiFone leaders confirmed at the time of amending the policy package Surf30 (17/03/2010), it was widely reported in various mass media and its website. MobiFone system of record used during the service, he has used 55 GB Bao, compared with over 50 GB limit. Thus, the amount that you pay for 50 GB Bao excess provisions will not stop at 15 million contract that could reach 50 million.


Smile and a "matrix" model ... MobiFone

According to MobiFone, the 15 million charge that he inform the Security MobiFone just at the threshold to calculate rather than official figures. Thus, after receiving complaints from, MobiFone sent a team of technical and customer service contacts and meetings with customers to understand and verify the reason to use data services with high charges for this anomaly.

"However, we also acknowledge a partial fault in the incident belonged to MobiFone, by staff at the store did not explain exactly and advice for customers. We sincerely apologize to our customers and will seek plan to share the problem with these unwanted guests, "said Representative MobiFone.


He let himself look away ...


 * 3G victim decided not to pay charges arising


Anh Vu Dinh Bao - victim services in 3G MobiFone said it would not pay the amount billed 50 million. He confirmed this bug belongs to the network, but he is the victim.

In a letter, Bao said he has not received any information and resolve any problems that MobiFone on his face. Meanwhile, the debts "hanging" of the network up to 50 million made him very indignant and bewildered.

Bao He said he did not pay the full amount of 50 million unwanted charges incurred, unless the network is to share policy and resolve the situation rationally. "Otherwise, I will ask the law enforcement bodies to intervene to ensure their own interests," he said Bao.


MobiFone demonstration on features in 3G services launch


Recognize that although incidents 3G charges arising out of personal desire and MobiFone him, however, he reported that two sides should abide by the terms of the signed contract. According to him if given the contract signed with MobiFone on 25 / 1, the effective minimum three months, he will be responsible for implementing the payment terms and charges in compliance with commitments. Conversely, the MobiFone have a responsibility to provide services for fees in accordance with the signed contract.

But representatives of the media when talk MobiFone also confirmed the incident is unwanted and is considering its plans for dealing with the spirit of goodwill and respect for customers. Not disclose the amount will share 50 million charge arising from his service 3G Vu Dinh Bao, but representatives say that this will weigh the factors and have the answer tomorrow.

In fact, when articles about "The victim's first 3G" was posted, a lot of readers called and sent letters reflected similar cases. Having incurred the charges were only a few hundred thousand, others up to the million. He also Truong Tan Dat, another customer said in Ho Chi Minh City will also send written recommendations to the home network about unwanted charges incurred. Dat He just received the bill from MobiFone morning.


See also:

 * 3G race into the hot phase

MobiFone join the 3G race. Viettel is choosing "good day good month" for the opening. The network also "squeezed foot neck to enter the contest. 3G market is really hot on stage.

In the morning the room Melia MobiFone 3G launch, while the above statement, the leaders in the many journalists, invited guests had an error to use mobiles to try Video Call, Mobile TV MobiFone.

Because Monday was launched 3G network, customers were able MobiFone Video Call to subscribers and other subscribers MobiFone VinaPhone not only internal calls as before. In addition, 3G status "swallowing waves" 2G is completely solved when MobiFone launch services.

Le Ngoc Minh - MobiFone Director said: "The launch services, we must ensure quality and be recognized as current 2G." The head of MobiFone said: "Quality is the decisive factor in the race for 3G networks should not dare miss what is even more impossible and MobiFone."



In fact, VinaPhone - the first mobile operator to launch 3G no problem regardless of quality. However, the assessment of telecommunications experts, preparation time is more than twice the VinaPhone causes can not have enough time.

If as before, only one mobile network 3G service, customers do not have to compare the conditions present, the participation MobiFone 3G market has made other changes. This is also the reason for increased speed VinaPhone to race with other networks. Coming up, while Viettel 3G officially opened the race will be hotter than ever.




Currently, even the newly launched 3G network but the (whole network is not opened Viettel) are very worried about the "trap 3." The reason is that the network also invested 3 trillion in the first year that projected revenues from 3G can not increase, leading to low investment efficiency. Particularly with Viettel, the problem also becomes more difficult when the network announced investment in 3G for both rural areas despite the fact the current demand for 3G in this area no.

Answer about the problem of investment efficiency for 3G, Le Ngoc Minh said: "MobiFone 3G coverage in order of priority: populous metropolitan, urban, suburban, rural, highway. The coverage This order of priorities to help ensure MobiFone be able to provide the best quality, while still get optimal effectiveness of capital spending. " However, representatives of MobiFone also admitted: "3G can not demand increases during the first year is also a potential headaches of home networking."

These days, EVN Telecom and Vietnamobile also silently install base stations, integrated technology and prepare the conditions necessary to put one foot into the 3G market. Do not have an official statement given, as well as the ability to finance the promotion of competition this business "trap shut tight."

At the time of receiving 3G licenses, the three giants, including Vinaphone, MobiFone, Viettel and EVN Telecom partnership - Vietnamobile claiming the service will provide the market with the best quality, best price and scope widest coverage. Who knows, time, 3G is still a theory on paper but the unit does not have experience with reality. Because no one should be receiving his second world experts say the most accurate answer, please wait a while longer.




* The number of 3G subscribers suspected of mobile giants  

VinaPhone claims reach 7 million 3G subscribers, MobiFone they said they had nearly 6 million people have registered to use. Viettel also, though not yet opened this great service he also said there were nearly 1 million customers.

Last weekend, frantic VinaPhone celebrate the firm was selected as 3G mobile network is the most consumer preferred, with over 7 million people using the service. The airline said, with more than 5,000 BTS nationwide 3G coverage, Vinaphone is considered the leading enterprises in the race on speed and convenience levels. VinaPhone assert themselves worthy of the position of the mobile network has the most potential 3G services.

Opening VinaPhone 3G services after nearly three months, MobiFone announced nearly 6 million customers registered to use. Mobile Internet and Mobile Broadband is the second most frequently used services. The remaining approximately 250,000 customers signed up for Mobile TV and other 3G services.



Customers especially students use the Internet to access 3G MobiFone via USB quite large. "Sometimes being" Fire in 'USB 3G, "said Representative MobiFone.

Viettel side, though not large, but he launched 3G this is confirmed in the testing phase but has about 1 million customers using the service. Viettel said this number is real and is manifested in its tracking system each day.

This extended data expressed doubt that the other mobile network announced. Viettel said Vietnamese consumers still use the voice service is mainly to figure 6-7 million 3G users in the opening half year is very unlikely. With a good quality 3G network, the registration number can be used up to several millions, but the use is often not possible to do so.



According to the understanding of VnExpress.netUnlike traditional 2G services, 3G customers are not subscribers to new networks and maintain air service regularly. Home network only visits should not be considered here is loyalty or join the network frequently.

Knowledgeable about the field of mobile communication technology is also seen if the number of subscribers based on the coverage on the terminals, the number of subscribers could reach 6-7 million figure also does strange. So just to appear on mobile 3G waves can be considered as a client. But this customer is frequently used services, which generate revenues and bring charges to the network or are not issues to be considered.

There is no agency that stands out the task to verify data on so-called "subscribers using 3G" as the Ministry of Information and Communication subscriber to check the previous 2G network. Therefore, a large temporary mobile he can still race round by verbal declaration is not being "taxed".


MobiFone noisy when introducing 3G services


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